Welcome to My Adventure

Hi, there! As you've probably guessed, I’m a young mother! And guess what? I'm in love with it! When I first found out that I was pregnant with my little one, I can’t deny that I was scared. In today’s society being a mother at such a young age isn’t categorized as being the “correct”… Continue reading Welcome to My Adventure

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That Stinkin’ College Textbook

I still remember the first time that I saw him. It's a crazy thought for me, thinking that that first time was so long ago, but feels like it was just yesterday. I had just gotten off of a long day of work. I was a nanny to four children, and it just so happened… Continue reading That Stinkin’ College Textbook

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A Happy You Makes a Happy Child

Do you ever just find yourself in a slump? There are so many activities that you love doing, and still do, but you’re feeling too guilty to do them? That’s how I've been feeling lately. Slumped. I love writing, I love sharing my thoughts and advice with others in order to help them out. But, well,… Continue reading A Happy You Makes a Happy Child

Let's Get Personal

How Growing Up With Divorced Parents Changes How You Parent

There is no denying that growing up with divorced parents is hard. But, before I go into my parenting style, I do want to make a point that this is not a slam against single parents. Even though my parents were divorced throughout my entire life, I still view them in the brightest of lights.… Continue reading How Growing Up With Divorced Parents Changes How You Parent

Advice · Let's Get Personal

My Battle With Postpartum Depression

I don't like being vulnerable. I don't like putting my personal thoughts and feelings out there for others to not only know, but acknowledge. I'm not sure why that is. I could dig deep into my past, how I've been treated overtime, and maybe I'd come across the answer to all my problems or maybe… Continue reading My Battle With Postpartum Depression


When I Was a Child I Was Always Afraid Book Review and Author Interview

This is so exciting for me! This is the first time ever that I was offered the chance to not only review a book, but do an interview with the author! I'm a MN native, I've always lived in the state of 10,000 lakes. But guess what I'm extremely terrified of? Water. I cannot stand being in… Continue reading When I Was a Child I Was Always Afraid Book Review and Author Interview