Money, Money, and…

…you guessed it. Money.

It’s not the easiest being young, with or without a degree, and having a baby.




Doctor’s Visits.


Clothes… trust me, these little humans we made, they grow… fast!

And every other accessories you can think of that babies require.

They sure are spendy little people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work while still saving a bit of money each month.


1) My SO and I have cut out eating out. When you’re young and in a relationship, let’s be real, that’s one of the main things that you do! It’s a fun and easy date night. Cutting it out sometimes stinks but it makes the times you get to go out even better. I even make my SO’s lunch everyday for work. That way he doesn’t have to waste gas to go out of his way for lunch AND he’s saving money instead of spending it on food.

2) Couponing! I’ve always been very frugal with my money so I’m not new to this. But if you’re like me and a big ((BIG)) fan of Target, the application Cartwheel always has great deals on groceries and cleaning supplies. Cub Foods also has an application with coupons you can add to your “cart”, as does Costco.

3) Off-brands! I’m a humoungous fan of Market Pantry and Up and Up. (* not Up and Up diapers though – they’re prone to leaking *) but they’re cheaper plus they’re almost the exact same in quality. Or else Aldi’s is another fan favorite of our little family. So far I haven’t found any complaints with any of their groceries except for their off brand cheezits.. not a fan.

4) Excess coins —> coin jar! My SO and I recently started a “Moving Money Jar”.. we don’t plan on staying in our little apartment forever and are very eager to grow as a family. Every time we have leftover coins or one dollar bills we put them in the jar. You’d be surprised how fast all of that change can add up!

5) If you’re living in an apartment or town home and you’re paying for electricity every month, you know that it can add up fast. Now it may be a hassle sometimes, but what we do in our home is unplug chargers and electronics so they’re not using electricity while not being used. It’s crazy how much electronics can run up an electricity bill!

6) My last tip isn’t exactly a tip more as it is a comment for pregnant females – I myself didn’t spend much money on maternity clothes. Two pairs of leggings, a comfy shirt and a dress for my baby shower. Majority of the time you won’t want to dress up anyways and then all that $$$ spent on clothes will go down the drain in a couple months. But every pregnancy is different, you may have tons of energy and willingness to look cute – while I had none.

7) When you’re in need of a bulk item, such as formula, diapers, or anything I either recommend getting a membership at Costco or Sam’s Club OR waiting for great steals at smaller department stores such as Target. Yesterday I bought 100$ worth of diapers, formula and wipes and got a 25$ giftcard from Target. That’s basically one free container of formula for my family! It pays to think of what you’ll need in the future.

Stay frugal!

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