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Mom, I’m Pregnant (Pt. 1)

So, you’ve just found out you’re pregnant. Odd’s are you’re throwing up or feeling nauseous for a good chunk of your day, you’re crying ((and you don’t even know why)), and you’re extremely tired and want to sleep. all. the. time.

On top of all of those awwwww-some factors, you have to tell your parents.

For Sam and I, becoming pregnant wasn’t a “yippee!” moment. We knew our parents weren’t going to be jumping with joy the moment that they found out. Both of us had no idea how they’d react and that definitely scared us.

But there was no getting out of it. Trust me, there were plenty of times that I wish there had been a way in order to avoid the confrontation.

“We could just wait until my belly is big… they can find out that way!” I’d jokingly mention to Sam.

“Or we could get all of our family together, have them go see the movie Storks, wait outside the theater and then when they came out… we could say ‘SURPRISE!’ How about that?”

*Spoiler: That isn’t what happened.*

The first parent to find out was my mom. ((I’m only going to talk about how my parents found out since I wasn’t there for Sam telling his)) My parents had been divorced since I was a baby so lucky me got to have the pregnancy talk twice. Yay.

I’ve always been extremely close with my mom so I knew it’d be the easier of the two conversations I’d have to have. But that still didn’t take the pressure off of telling her.

I was living with my grandparents at the time, going to school ((their house was closer, that’s why I had moved)). So instead of driving all the way back home to see my mom, I asked her to meet me to go on a walk together.

I hadn’t seen her in a while, it was hard with going to school and working while living 30 minutes away from one another. She was usually the person who’d ask me to meet up for lunch or to go on walk so she knew something was up. She has always been able to read me like a book.

We had been on the walk for about an hour or so. There’d always be moments of silence where I’d tell myself, “Just say it! Get it over with already!” But I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth. I was too nervous for her reaction.

So after a little bit more talk of other topics, she looked at me and jokingly asked, “So, why did you want to go on this walk anyway? You usually never ask me first. Are you pregnant? Are Sam and you moving in together? Whats the big news?!”

I stopped walking and blankly stared at her.

She removed her sunglasses and already had tears streaming down her face. She knew.

“It’s both actually…” I managed to choke out.

“Oh, honey,” She hugged me right away, crying.

I knew that this wasn’t her plan for me and before telling her, I felt like I was the biggest disappointment. That was something I had never wanted to be, especially to my parents. But I also knew that I was making the right decision in terms of keeping the baby. The fear of being a disappointment wouldn’t change my mind, I was going to do what I had to do and stand by it 100%.

“This is a bittersweet moment. Obviously this isn’t the ideal time for you to be having a baby. But, I am so proud of you for making the decision to keep it.”

Those words were music to my ears. Actually just the one word was: proud.

I needed to hear that. I knew I was making the right choice but I needed to know that I’d have support through my decision. And that was what scared me the most, not knowing the reaction I’d get.

It still wasn’t over for me yet though… I still had my dad to tell and I had no idea how that’d go. But if you‘d like to find out, read “Dad, I’m pregnant (pt. 2)” for the juicy, details!

…just kidding, it’s not that juicy. But I do think that if you’re in the same situation as I was, telling your parents you’re pregnant when you know you will not get the best reaction, it’s nice hearing other’s stories of how they went about it. Just know that no matter how bad their reaction may be, they’re your parents and they love you. They only want the best for you and that’s why they may react shocked at first. I know that Sam’s parents were completely taken aback when they had found out, it wasn’t the easiest news for them to hear. But now? They’ve happily taken on the role of being grandparents – they absolutely, positively love it. They have also taken on the role as a mother and father in-law, even though we aren’t married yet. Having the support of my family, along with his, makes the entire situation so much better than it could have been and for that, I am extremely grateful.





8 thoughts on “Mom, I’m Pregnant (Pt. 1)

  1. Hey, great post! I can totally relate. It took me a few weeks to pluck up the courage to tell my parents. They didn’t even know I had a boyfriend… I was so nervous! They took it well though considering 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you had a good experience, as well! It’s so nerve-wracking but so much better once the secret is out!


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