DIY: Rustic Bowtie Mason Jars

Eeek! I am so excited to announce that my sister will be getting married this upcoming June. Her fiancé is from the United Kingdom so it’s been a huge process to figure out his Visa and green card business in order to get him to the USA… But! They were finally able to decide on a date, June 24th!

From what I’ve seen so far, planning a wedding requires a lot of effort, time, and most importantly… cha-ching. But, when it comes down to it, don’t all of us ladies want to create our dream day? Even though it’s a huge hassle we all simply want the perfect venue, cake, outfits, guest list… You know exactly what I’m talking about. And for my sister, to make matters more difficult, she has a time budget to figure out all of these details. But that’s where the SAHM who has way too much time on her hands comes in!

Here’s a simple idea for wedding decor, as well as a home furnishing, candle holder, or even pot to plant succulents or flowers. (We have a few in our home to add a little something, something to the room, they’re so cute!)

What you’ll need:

  • Mason Jars (As many as you’d like and whichever size you’d like. The jars featured in the photos are pint sized. They’re non-expensive and you’re also able to buy in bulk. We also used a bigger sized jar for her bouquet to be held in after the wedding ceremony.)
  • Acrylic Paint (The color I used in the photos is named “Egg Satin”. It’s only a 1.99$ at Target! You can also purchase Acrylic Paint at Walmart, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or any other craft store near you. I didn’t even use a full container of the one I purchased. If you’re only doing one coat, one should be enough.)
  • Foam Brushes (I also purchased my brushes at Target. They’re cheaper than normal paint brushes. They’re also what give the jars a rustic look! The package I bought contained various sizes and I used the smallest one.)
  • Twine (We purchased our twine at Ace Hardware but I know that many craft stores carry it as well. This another bulk item which is nice, you’ll be able to reuse it in the future!)


Take the cap off of your mason jar, I usually don’t keep the caps but that’s up to you. (FYI: After you paint the rim of the jars they usually don’t stay on very well. If you’re wanting to put the cap back on, simply only paint the base of the jar and not the rim.)

Take your foam brush, get a bit of paint but not too much, and stroke the brush from the top base of the jar to the bottom. You want to make sure you’re only painting downward and not side to side as this will not give your jar a rustic look. Continue with downward strokes around the entire base of the jar.

Let dry. For the jars I’ve made, I only do one coat. If you do a second coat on the jars too soon, before they’re fully dry, the paint will get chunky.

After your jar is fully dry and you’re able to grab the sides of the base, paint the rim horizontally. Again, make sure your strokes are going in the same direction or else you will not obtain a distressed look to the jars.

Once the rim of your jar is dry, you’re ready to tie the bowtie. Measure out 12 inches of twine and cut. Wrap the twine under the rim of the jar and tie into a bow. If you’d prefer smaller bows, cut the twine shorter. If not, it looks as if you’re done!

The next step is to decide if you’d like to make the jars into a candle holder, flower pot or vase, home decor, or put them to good use as a wedding decoration!

Have fun! And if you do make the jars, leave a comment with a picture of yours! I’d love to see how they turn out.



10 thoughts on “DIY: Rustic Bowtie Mason Jars

    1. I think they’re such cute decorations! She’s going to put candles in them too. Always fun to get creative with wedding details.


    1. Thank you! They’re so fun to make – plus relaxing! Something about painting that just puts you at ease.


  1. I love all the cute DIY ideas because I’m completely useless when it comes to craft ideas. I think they would be great for events other than weddings including 4th of July parties and bday parties (depending on the theme). Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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