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Perks of Being a Young Parent

While I definitely understand the stigma that surrounds being a young parent, I find it absurd that others judge it when they’ve never lived it.

When my parents and Sam’s parents found out we were pregnant, I knew why they felt sadness. It’s hard making a living today in general. Add a baby to that equation? Your difficulties are multiplied by 100,000,000,000.

They’re expensive little things. They’re also time consuming, which isn’t ideal for two college students who live on their own. On top of that, babies are the perfect way to test a relationship to the max. Sleep deprivation, financial stress, and time consumed parents? That’s an equation that’s definitely tricky to figure out.

But there’s so much more to being young parents than the consequences listed above.

And, wait. Before I get into them, I’d first like to mention that this is in no way me encouraging young adults to go out and get knocked up. While there are so many advantages that I’ve found in being a young parent, there are also many to simply being young. Enjoy your time as an adult making their way into the world.

I can’t tell you how amazing its been to see my SO grow into the responsible, caring parent that he is. When the two of us met, he was 20 and I was 19. We were young (still are). We were definitely dumb. But we had love for one another, a love that has only grown stronger through the battles we’ve faced together. I’ve loved being able to be there to witness the growth, I’ve loved getting the chance to not only know, but love, the different versions of himself that he’s been. I know that I’m going to see many more editions of him, and he’ll see the same of me, but I truly cannot wait to love every. single. one.

I’ve also loved building our small apartment into our own place. We didn’t have much when we started out on our own, and still don’t. But what do we have? A home, a place we both love coming home to. And to me, that’s special. There’s nothing greater than having someone who has stuck with you through the tough times in order to thrive together.

My SO and I have also talked about how great it’ll be to be the young, cool, probably embarrassing parents of our little man when he’s a teenager. We’ll be in our mid-late thirties, an age where you’re young enough to know when something isn’t cool but old enough to do it anyway.

I also feel as if being younger parents will give us an advantage, we’ll be able to reflect back on our experiences as teenagers much easier, providing us with ways to relate to our children instead of not knowing how to go about the issues they’re dealing with. I’ve always wanted to be a mother who’s children go to when they’re down – not one who’s children view them as someone who doesn’t understand.

You know what else is just stellar about being a younger parent? No matter what age your children are, you’ll always be able to keep up with them! Sam and I are very active people, we love hiking, being outdoors, and doing physical activities. These are all pastimes that I want to enjoy with my children, while they are little and big!

Speaking of age, what about when we become grandparents? When I’m 60, my LO will be 39, hopefully he’ll had already had children of his own. I’ll still be able to run around and play with my grandkids, as well as taking them on walks, to the park, and enjoying all sorts of activities with them. That’s definitely a plus!

Let’s also not forget the fact that we’re providing these same advantages to or own parents. (I say we because I assume you’re a young parent just like me if you’re reading this!) My SO’s parents as well as mine are still able to make the most of these precious moments with their grandchild.

An even bigger plus is having our grandparents meet their great-grandchild, I know that is a memory they’ll never regret having as I will not either.

There’s one last point I want to make about becoming a young parent. The change I’ve witnessed in myself has been so apparent it’s oddly invisible. The moment I found out I was pregnant, there wasn’t any other decision but becoming a mother. That was it for me. I changed my perspective in that moment which set off the change in me in the months to come.

Looking back? I was a completely different person a year ago than I am today. I’ve become more responsible, driven, caring, humble and empathetic. My baby, and this life I’m living, has taught me more about life than the 20 years prior ever could have. They’ve taught me that no matter how you believe, or want, your life to turn out, it’s going to take some twisty, curvy turns. Don’t fight them, make the most of whatever is handed to you. It could quite possibly be the most amazing adventure (and lesson) you’ll ever encounter.




21 thoughts on “Perks of Being a Young Parent

  1. “Don’t fight them, make the most of whatever is handed to you. It could quite possibly be the most amazing adventure (and lesson) you’ll ever encounter.” Love how you apply this to your journey as a young mom, it’s so important to embrace change and hardship because with the right attitude, it can be amazing.

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    1. Aww. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed! I’ve definitely learned a lot throughout my journey of parenthood – I think the most important lesson is to simply embrace it, shying away from the tough times will only make them harder.


  2. This is so relatable for me. My husband and I are 21, our LO is 4 months old. When we first told our parents the news of course they weren’t “excited” like they would be if we were ten years older. It’s been a struggle financially and it will continue to be until I get my degree, but it’s so worth it. Our son has taught us so much! And our grandparents being able to meet their great-grandson is a huge plus! Thanks for posting ❤

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    1. Aw! I always love finding other young mothers. You and I are practically in the same boat! I’m 21 and our little man is 6 months old, and I’m still in college as well. You’re so right – its a struggle but I truly couldn’t imagine having any other life but this one. Thanks for reading girl! Can’t wait to stay in contact with you and your blog! ❤


  3. I was a young mm too and I loved every minute! I was only 20 when I had my oldest son and I had so much energy to keep up with him… At 40 a lot of my friends are just having kids and they are so exhausted! 🙂

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    1. Even though parenthood takes so much energy out of you no matter what age – there definitely is an advantage for younger mothers!


  4. There’s no better way to learn about yourself than parenthood! My hubby had his first at 16 (gasp) while my first was at 26, our third I was 34…let me tell you, each was great in its own way and taught me more than you can imagine. Love how you are embracing your journey – keep at it!

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    1. Love that you’ve experienced parenthood at so many different stages in your life – thanks for your insight! 💗


  5. Love this post! I had my 1st at 19. It was def a hard time but here we are 12 years later and I am one of the youngest moms at the middle school lol. Hey at least I won’t be an old granny when that time comes

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  6. I genuinely enjoyed reading every last sentence of this fabulous post. I couldn’t be happier for you and admire you for your tremendous outlook and maturity beyond your years. You have raised so many excellent and true points here and it is obvious you are so well adjusted and ready for your baby. I’m sure you will make a wonderful mother and have a beautiful future all together.

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  7. I waited till my 30’s, but I didn’t think I wanted kids in my 20’s. I have so many friends that had kids right out of High School and they love being young parents. It has it’s challenges, for sure, but parenting at any age is a challenge.

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  8. My parents were a sophomore and senior in high school when they got pregnant with me. Although, I’m sure it was not the ideal situation and probably a lot tougher for them, we all thoroughly enjoy it now that I am an adult! ❤ My parents have become like best friends who we hang out with all the time!!

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  9. Thank you for the fun read! No matter what age you are, becoming a mother is the biggest & best challenge around! I would not consider myself young at all when I had our little one ( I was 28), but I feel like in my area, the Mommy scene is much older! I feel like the young one LOL!

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    1. Hahaha that is totally fair! I feel as if a lot of women wait to have children so that wouldn’t surprise me at all. But you are right, it is hard no matter how old you are!


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