Let's Get Personal

That Stinkin’ College Textbook

I still remember the first time that I saw him.

It’s a crazy thought for me, thinking that that first time was so long ago, but feels like it was just yesterday.

I had just gotten off of a long day of work. I was a nanny to four children, and it just so happened that day two of the four had gotten lice from school.

Yes, I know right? That was a lot of fun.

Driving to the gym, I was extremely stressed thinking there were little creatures running around on my head. I kept picking at my hair at stop lights, making myself itch, when really, I was in the clear.

I finally arrived at the gym, my hair a complete mess from itching. I parked my car, scrambled to get my backpack and gym shoes together and trotted towards the front door.

That day was just a normal day in my mind. Homework, work, and then my daily workout.

But then, I saw him.

It was one of those movie moments, you know? It was a perfect day outside, the sun was shining through the glass doors, making his big grin glow even brighter as I walked through the door.

Suddenly, this person just appeared into my life. That’s the best way I can describe it. He was there, I was there, and all I knew was that he was going to matter.

I feel so weird saying that, it feels cliche. But that truly was the emotion that took over me. I just knew that that big grinned guy was going to come into my life and change it. I just knew it.

So I spent weeks trying to impress him.

Being a nanny, there was no reason for me to dress up for work. But, I did.

I put on the cutest fall outfits I could put together, straightened my hair, and made sure I was looking somewhat attractive just to go to the gym and see this one guy. This one special, over the top cute guy, if I might add.

I’d work out at the treadmills that had a view of the front desk, hoping he’d catch a glance at me.

Even if I was reading a textbook for school, I’d walk for hours on the treadmill, trying to get his attention.

And you know what the funny part about that is? That textbook is what did the trick.

One day while I was walking to the treadmill, carrying my book to my chest, he noticed me.

He still talks about that moment now. He saw me with my book and thought, “Wow, I like her. That is the kind of girl I want in my life.”

Me. Simply carrying a book. That’s what did it.

Not the dressing up, not my impressive running skills, not the fact that I came in every day of the week.

It was a stinkin’ college textbook that got me the guy.

A stinkin’ college textbook that gave me the relationship I’ve been in for over two years.

A stinkin’ college textbook that gave me my son.

A stinkin’ college textbook that gave me the life I’m living, a life that I’m so happy to have.

I love our story, I love our life, I love our baby, and I love him.

There has been so much negativity in this world lately. So many depressing events, sad news headlines, stressful days, and challenges that seem impossible.

I’ve let this things get me down, pull me into this dreadful muck that I’ve struggled to come out of.

But not today. Today I’m reminding myself of the good. Today I’m reminding myself of what I have to be thankful for.

Today I’m thinking about that stinkin’ college textbook.

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