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Mom, I’m Pregnant (Pt. 1)

So, you've just found out you're pregnant. Odd's are you're throwing up or feeling nauseous for a good chunk of your day, you're crying ((and you don't even know why)), and you're extremely tired and want to sleep. all. the. time. On top of all of those awwwww-some factors, you have to tell your parents.… Continue reading Mom, I’m Pregnant (Pt. 1)

All Things Pregnancy · Let's Get Personal

Dad, I’m Pregnant (Pt. 2)

So, I'm hoping that you've found yourself reading this blog post after "Mom, I'm pregnant (pt. 1)". It gives you a little bit more perspective on my thoughts and emotions of how I felt telling my parents that I was pregnant. But if you didn't read pt. 1, long story short: I was freaked, nervous,… Continue reading Dad, I’m Pregnant (Pt. 2)

All Things Pregnancy · Let's Get Personal

Sam’s Reaction to Those Two Pink Lines…

If you read my post about my pregnancy experience you know that I had taken a pregnancy test a couple of days after I had missed my period and it came back negative. Two weeks went by and I still hadn't gotten my period. My hormones were out of wack. My boobs were humongous. I… Continue reading Sam’s Reaction to Those Two Pink Lines…

Let's Get Personal

My Love Story *hopeless romantic mustread*

My love story: P.S. This is a personal narrative I had written for a class. We were instructed to write about an event in your life that changed you for the better. It may not seem like much, meeting someone, but it gave me hope of better things to come my way, making it mean… Continue reading My Love Story *hopeless romantic mustread*


How To: Stay Positive Through Pregnancy

So, your life has taken a complete 180, huh? You're not always sure what to think. Somedays you're passing the baby section at Target, glancing at all of the aaaa-dorable clothes they have. Those cute, baby socks. That beyond precious, flower-printed baby girl dress... Is there anything cuter? You think, "I can't wait for my… Continue reading How To: Stay Positive Through Pregnancy